What Is Alliance of Divine Love

An Interfaith Approach to Man’s Life of Grace 

Alliance of Divine Love Inc.
Only Love Is Real in Unity Consciousness
It’s All About Love

World-Wide Peace Meditation Sundays at 6PM CST
If You Can’t Join Us in Person,
Please Join Us In Consciousness.
“Where two or more are joined together
in consciousness, there am I in the midst of them.”

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The Alliance of Divine Love is a blending of all the world’s concepts of Love from the most remote esoteric teachings, those that came to light in the last century, the ongoing transformation of the consci-ousness of mankind, and those that continue to unfold in the eternal now, especially in the return to the essentials of living the life of grace by the leaders of the Shift. In other words, all the beliefs, practices and heart stirrings about love that are uniting humanity now through our aligned intentions.

It is the understanding that everything is meant to evidence bene-ficence and equanimity no matter what other incidentals, circum-stances or attributes a situation or person appears to be demon-strating.

The Alliance of Divine Love is the oversoul of Love which spans the Universe. It recognizes that One Power and One Presence, God the Good, diffuses Its essence throughout all planets, all planes, all dimensions, all realities, all universes and the matter and energy within these aspects.

The Alliance emphasizes that Love is the only reality. Only love is real, therefore every challenge presents the gift of healing through forgiveness, releasement, and deletion of anything unlike love in the heart and mind of man. 

May you live from your heart….May your heart remain a center of peace…
May you radiate your Divine Essence…Love….Love is What You Are.
Create Only Love… for Only Love Is Real. from It’s All About Love, 1991

It is the realization that man was conceived in love not sin, and that once experienced in the deepest levels of consciousness, this realization renders man incapable of separation, opposition, vio-lence and inhumanity.

Love is our divine essence… it is God acting In, Through, and As us… demonstrating as our Authentic Self, that which we spend lifetimes seeking to return to and which is immediately and definitively available in the instant of self realization.

The Alliance of Divine Love is you and me knowing there is no you or me or them, just us devoted to the singular purpose of expanding that love back into universal consciousness.

It is the realization that there is only One of us here manifesting in a myriad of expressions…that to offend or injure another is to offend and injure ourself, we being the ‘other’…that the illusion of separation is sustained solely through the refusal to forgive and release false beliefs and erron-eous judgments.

Love is the answer to every question and the prompting of the inquiry.

Aligning the self with divine love is an at depth, inner spiritual transformation brought about through union with the Christ Cons-ciousness within that joins together the hearts of man into one divine intention.

The alliance is a dynamic ongoing push of Divine Love into the world with all that that means to the family of sentient beings.  It is inclusive instead of exclusive as in “Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect”…the word ‘perfect’ in Aramaic, the language of the Master, meaning inclusive.

The Alliance of Divine Love is the application of the principle of the Greatest Degree of Love and its amplification in the right to decent treatment of every soul in every situation. This is the opposite polarity of organized systems’ blind following of narrow dogmas where some deserve humane treatment and salvation, and some do not.

This is our eternal search for the Divine Truth of sameness and unity over judgment and separation. It is appreciating each other’s differences, traditions, and sacred teachings and what they endow our spirits with in the sharing.

The Alliance of Divine Love is the blending of Love and Wisdom from all great teachers. It is the coming together of groups to study the concept of Love in all religions.

It is the meeting of Moslem, Jewish and Christian women to heal children.

It is the teaching of the Course in Miracles in Catholic convents.

It is a Buddhist monk teaching the ADL membership meditation techniques.

It is Native American ceremonies being taught to Hindus and Catholics.

The Alliance of Divine Love is a forum where spiritual intuitions and insights are shared, discussed and reveled in.

The Alliance of Divine Love is friendship and laughter and harmony among all of the Creator’s children.

Alliance of Divine Love is an International Interfaith Ministry being shared on the planet with each minister offering what is theirs to offer. This is mine.

Site is excerpted from:  Gifts From the Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness, 1999, Adele Tartaglia;
It’s All About Love: Your Divine Essence is Love Not Sin, 1991, Adele Tartaglia


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