There is Only One of Us

We know there is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of aspects. What I do to you, I do to me for there is no other. “Thy Art That.”

Mankind’s shift in consciousness is facilitating our ability to live gently, peacefully, lovingly, and cooperatively in full Unity Consciousness. 

The collective and individual mind of man is entrained with the waiting aware Universe. When we heal ourselves, we heal mass consciousness and the planet.

Your Authentic Self that knows, and knows it knows, is infinitely wise, unlimited creative intelligence, and unspeakably worthy. Anything unlike this self can be erased and replaced in moments. As we breathe ourselves into that source state, we know we are one with everything and are creating it at the same time. 

It’s all about love, everything else is Maya. We were created frequency specific as joyful loving multi-dimensional compassionate source beings.

It’s always about alignment…. not action. You can’t think yourself into aligning with your higher self that Jesus referred to as god. You have to feel your way into that state of consciousness. Deleting anything unlike love, returns you by default to your real self.

Life is about feeling not thinking. When your feelings match your Divine Essence, love…you are aligned with the most transformative force in the universe and all things are possible.

Life’s mission is to live more from our Intentional Soul Self, in the peace that surpasses understanding, as it enlightens the fearful human self 
in a synchronistic dance of divine alignment with All That Is.

It’s All About Love: Your Divine Essence is Love (c) 1991 Adele Tartaglia

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