Gifts From the Father



 God’s Plan For His Children’s Happiness
Excerpted from the Introduction
From Love You Came and To Love You Shall Return

Gifts From the Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness  1999,   

My Dear Children,  

Because My love for you is more than you can possibly imagine, as I breathed the breath of life into your precious little souls, I made sure that you had everything you needed to live out your earthly existence in the highest integrity and from the highest vantage point, Divine Love. You were intended for excellence and each one of you is equipped to manifest any particular destiny you choose lifetime to lifetime. In alignment with this intention for you dear children, I sent you to earth with special gifts and talents you can employ on your journey home to me as you wake up to who you are. These gifts are faculties of the soul and could no more be omitted from your inherent nature than could the breath be taken from your body, and to extract the life force or the breath from you, would be to insure your demise.

To omit any of these basic gifts from some of you would be to change the innate nature of being human for the attributes mentioned in this book are part and particle of your humanness. It is in the fulfillment of your divine human nature that your sainthood and perfection lays children, not in separating or denigrating the body or the ego as destructive to your spiritual path. For as the consciousness of the various aspects of mind are contained on a cellular level, so is your spirituality contained on a cellular level. It is as much encoded into your spiritual DNA as the human genetic encoding is. The potential for you to change your spiritual encoding is just as viable as it is for you to change your genetic encoding. You must remember as you read this, that both spiritual and human encoding are changed lifetime to lifetime and within each life at the will of the Authentic Self.

It is your divine spiritual encoding that is the permanent divine nature. And the same is true for your divine human nature being permanently encoded. As the child of the Divine made in Its Image, your divine spiritual nature and your divine human nature are as immutable and indivisible as your Creator’s are. You are a complete and wholly integrated divinely spiritual human as is the Source from which you came.

Each soul has taken for itself additional gifts and talents, as well as forgotten gifts over lifetimes, that will either assist them in fulfilling their missions or challenge their mission to stimulate the use a gift laying dormant. As the soul evolves, you continue to grow into full employment of the gifts given you. The gifts outlined in this book are fundamental to your divine humanity, always available if you choose to apply them which is necessary if you are to remain in touch with your divinity.

As originally part of the Whole of Me, the Uncaused Cause, the Creator, the Quantum Field, Oversoul, Cosmic Consciousness, now manifesting as differing aspects of the Wholeness of All That Is, you appear holographic when viewed from the universal perspective. You contain the totality of the attributes of the Divine that are appropriate for human beings but being aspects of Wholeness and Perfection, they are different in quality and degree.

As your brother Jesus demonstrated, you too have a twofold nature; both human and divine; humanly divine or divinely human if you will. You must by necessity be composed of the attributes contained within the Whole for you came from the Whole. As the drop of water retains all the elemental qualities of the ocean even when extracted from it, so do you. And you shall return to the Ocean of All of Life,  after the course you choose for yourself is completed in this life or through other incarnations.

You were not meant to be purely spiritual beings or you would not have had the ability and desire to incarnate in the human form. Yet you may decide to become pure spirit at some time in the eternal now you are destined for and stop showing up in a human body to experience an earthly life. But while in human form, your nature is divinely human.

You are neither only body and mind, or only spirit. Your spirit, your soul, is the life force in you and cannot be separated from your earthy vehicle if you are to remain on earth. It is your animating substantial form that stays with you throughout all eternity. And I tell you children it is of the nature described herein not as told you in religion, biology, and psychology which are earthly sciences developed by man  seeking answers for which he is ill equipped to deal with until after the Beatific Vision when all shall be revealed in an instant. 

The teaching that man has fallen from grace and has continued to be born with original sin genetically inherited from Adam and Eve, that man is inherently evil versus inherently good as I made him, is one of the most detrimental deceptions of mankind. The entire concept is fallacious. I am your parent not any pair of humans in any region of the earth. Implicit in this erroneous teaching is the unworthiness and uncleanness that has undermined my poor children forever and kept you from demonstrating the real Christ of you. You were created in love not sin.

You can’t be born of original sin which is a concept antithetical to my Divine nature because that would imply that I am of original sin. You can see the absurdity of that. There is no evil per se as a separate entity roaming the earth and you could never be part of it as the divine children of the Divine if there were. You are either solely children of human parents, children of the earth realm, or your souls, which are more you than the physical vehicle you are using, were created and designed by Me according to my Divine Plan. With your mutual agreement, your earthly parents contributed their part, your physical, psychological pre-dispositions which can be changed at will. The quality of your souls as a human soul with human attributes, that matrix does not change or it would change both your spiritual and human nature. What changes over time, either deliberately or through conditioning and confusion, is the condition of your souls and the condition of your humanity.

What is meant by this is that some people have believed in and then experienced abusive treatment from other humans and having done so, changed their internal dialog, their belief systems, and their approach to current and subsequent lives to that of anger, revenge or isolation.

Some people experience the same type of experiences and realize there is some part of them, either now or in the past, attracting or modeling that behavior whether consciously or unconsciously. Thus they have compassion and understanding and are without judgment and revenge.

The condition of the humanity of the first type person, if they decide to take vengeance on others to pay back the abuse, is on a lower energy scale of vibration which naturally continues to vibrate in and attract like energy expressed by a lower quality of human energy.

The condition of the second type person who realizes they have believed everything, done everything, thought everything and been everyone at some stage in the long life of their own soul, is that they see the abuse event from a higher broader perspective. Rather than condemn the perpetrator, they may even pray for the other person knowing that they were doing the best they knew how to do in that moment and were hurting their own soul more than they hurt them, if you can conceive of that.

The ability of humans to separate themselves from the true nature and dictates of their souls and the intentions of that soul is so immense, most of them live in a state of unconscious automation much of the time. When I say to forgive and release yourself from your vengeful thoughts against another through the grace of realizing people are doing the best they knew how to do, it is this very ability of the multi-leveled mind of man that is unaware of his motivations and the consequences of his actions that does not know the damage he is doing to others or to himself.

The humanity of both these examples is the same humanity I wrote the laws for upon the human heart when I created man in the beginning. Both people, in fact all people, no matter what they are demonstrating in real life, have within their hearts and genes the God code which was so beautifully demonstrated by Jesus in His human lifetime. The potential to live up to the Christ consciousness which is indeed you can never be removed from your makeup. As your brother told you, even greater things than this shall you do.

In this example, the first type person is not demonstrating their essential nature which is love in this example. I am not saying the first type person is permanently bereft of his essential nature at all. He is merely in a state is misunderstanding and has forgotten who he is, i.e.; his brother who he perceived injured him, and thus is confused and full of error consciousness. This is never an unending state for humans. Eventually they come back to themselves as the avatar they are and remember they are creating it all and change the beliefs that created the abuse, thus taking responsibility for both sides of the experience which is as it must be in order to prevent its repetition.

What one must remember is that the mind and the spirit are one organism entrained to each other, constantly interfacing and uploading from each other. One aspect, the mind, cannot be confused, hurt, out of alignment with itself without the other aspect, the soul, being equally confused, hurt and out of alignment with itself.  You may not be fully integrated in all the levels of consciousness within you but most assuredly what affects and influences one aspect of you is bleeding through to others dimensions of self as well as to the world at large and the aware universe.

The conditions of the soul can and do change over lifetimes also. The soul combined with a human psyche throughout lifetimes seems to like to play out both sides of the equation of decency or morality. Some lives the soul is saint like, beneficent, self sacrificing, and patient. Another life for the same soul is engaged in war, taking the life of others, diametrically opposed to the other life mindset. But the inherent nature of the human soul remains the same; it is more that the focus in different lifetimes results in the human part of you taking on or adopting external influences from your environment while ignoring many of the higher frequency qualities that are its essential nature. Since the assumptions, decisions, perceived lessons, and karmic scripts of each life time are decided between lives or at the end of the preceding life, we will discuss this as a separate subject later. We are discussing the mutability of the human soul which gives rise to its mission to evolve back into the purity it had when I created it, the endless searching to return to the Authentic Self of love.

You were and are originally and continually being created in Love, My love for you my children. And Love is always Love and excludes
by its very nature everything unlike Love. So you were begat in Love, are beings of Love, and are meant for love.  That is your divine heritage and your divine nature, your genetic God encoding from Me, your prime parent. The rest is mythology based on cultural traditions unique to the heritage of the location authoring the sacred text. The synchronicity between the esoteric teachings of the world are where I guided the minds and hands of the men serving. The stories are tales typical of the nationalilty and religious precepts historically decided on by the people in each region.



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