Man’s Purpose



We are God’s messengers of hope, kindness, and encouragement. It is for this reason He made us in His Image and gave us our divine essence, love. It is through this love that all things can be healed and restored.

There are no coincidences; everything is in divine right order if you allow yourself to live in the flow. People cross our paths or are brought to our doorstep by divine providence. It is then that we open our hearts to pour out the love He is constantly pouring into our hearts with just this intention, sharing. It is then that we express our highest purpose in life, letting God work in, as, and through us.

I expect to pass through this life but once. Therefore, if there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do for another human being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.  William Penn

Life is about generosity and the beneficence of spirit inborn in us all.  It is the unfolding of the soul’s nobility rising out of the ashes of disappointment and poor judgment. It is about the kindness that is the Life of Grace to which all aspire.  And that kindness must begin with kindness to self, out of which will flow all manner of blessings to others.

We are here to support each other not to fix each other.
We are here to validate each other not to doubt each other.
We are here to nurture each other not to discourage each other.
We are here to love each other not to despise each other.
We are here to be merciful not to judge each other.
We are here to give each other compliments not insults.

What we can do for each other, is enhearten one another while handling our issues and be compassionate when we get triggered into painful memories. We can acknowledge that the situation is difficult, without believing that life is difficult.  We can share a story where others have made it through hard times. We can remind them that as the creators of their life, they can stop experiencing upset whenever they choose to stop creating it. We can bring laugher to break the intensity of the moment and restore perspective.

We can validate each others fears without affirming that living in fear is a viable place to source our lives from. We can encourage them to remove the causes of their fear and free themselves once and for all. We can refuse to invalidate their feelings while holding the vision of them in control of their feelings. 

We can allow the expression of our empathy instead of blocking it because of our own discomfort. We can give a pat on the back, a touch on the hand, a kind word, a hug, or a caring look that assures them God has not forgotten them.

We are here to be present with each other while listening to our divine intuition about the right thing to say and the right time to say it to give the most relief or support in the moment.

We can maintain a clear vision for them when they are caught up in blame and fault finding.  We can help them realize their part in the equation and remember it is only themselves they can change. We can suggest they let forgiveness and releasement loosen their negative attachment to the person.

We are here to have patience with each other as Our Father has endless patience for us to see things right and do things right. Can we do less when the Epitome of Perfection shows unending mercy for His children’s mistakes?

We can consider the conditioning of the perpetrator as well as the victim, realizing that the abuser is modeling the abuse he suffered, acting on the intergenerational programs he was taught, and is hurting himself as much as others. Jesus came for the sinner not for the saint and it is he who betrays himself  by betraying others that is the most disillusioned and needs the most mercy.

We can train ourselves to be sensitive to the unspoken anguish of those around us and offer help, a moment’s comfort, a way out of the addiction, hope at the end of the tunnel.

We are here to be genuine as we relate to one another being truthful about our feelings, our objectives, and our intentions.

We are here to support each other through the transformation process and we are here to congratulate each other on the gains we make.

We are here to encourage each other in the fulfillment of our individual missions and goals regardless of what we think since it is not ours to judge the dreams of another.

We are here to be real with each other letting others know how their actions are affecting others framed in the accepting attitude of unconditional love. The realization that we may be the one person willing to tell the truth about things can be a difficult lesson to learn. Many accept this responsibility only after the regret of seeing the results of their trepidation to attempt to right an unconscious wrong. Wishing we had said something or done something when we could have to prevent the damage done to everyone involved is useless when it is too late. To let family and friends go on harming themselves or their loved ones because they are unaware of the repercussions of their behavior is unloving and unconscionable. The lesson for those who have insight or may have already made the same mistake is that they must set aside their own need for love and be willing to sacrifice the approval of the loved one in the interest of all their loved ones.

This does not mean we are each other’s consciences. No one can do another person’s work for them anymore than they can change anyone else. It means we can suggest by words or demonstration there is another way of handling things, a more impartial position from which to view the circumstances, a less self defensive action to take.

We are here to share everything, the blessings, the gifts, and the sorrows. We can take those who otherwise would not go, to their church, to the hospital, to a support group, to a therapist and stay with them until they get their bearings again.

We can stand for hope in the world refusing to believe in appearances as scripture instructs us, for others as well as ourselves. We can bring light  by throwing open the windows and letting in fresh view points.  

We can stand for the lost principles of virtue and humanity instead of accepting things as they are in the world. We can speak up about the laws being passed in our country and the mistreatment of the masses, we can join the forces for decency and equity.

We can stand for love in a world of ever increasing hate and prejudice. We can consistently come from the loving position that arises from an understanding heart. We can give knowing that life is a circle and everything you put out comes back; that our turn to be comforted surely will come if it has not already.

We can give back what has been given to us, for those who have been given much….much is expected. Those who were blessed with an abundance of love and positive affirmation in childhood are more easily able to offer the same to others.

We can also give what was denied us. In many cases those who were denied love and approval as children are adamant about never allowing that to happen to the people in their life. Giving all the unwelcome love they had to give, praising at every opportunity so others will never feel alone and rejected as they did, is the learned empathy from their saddened hearts.   

But what we cannot do is fix each other. To do so is to displace the karmic lessons the soul has chosen for itself, thus causing them to create another opportunity for the learning, perhaps in a worse scenario. We don’t have that right to interfere in the evolvement of another soul no matter how good our intentions are.

The fixing, the ceasing of harmful behaviors, the deletion of false belief systems manifesting as repetitive life patterns, the healing of traumatic episodes, is the personal work and responsibility of each one of us as adults. We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and to the family of mankind.

As we change our frame of reference and become free of old patterns that no longer serve us or the world, we are shifting the global panorama and freeing every other mind and soul on the planet. This in itself is a great rationale of man…to do whatever is necessary to align himself with the Creator’s divine plan for humanity.

There is one mind within which is man’s collective unconscious, the quantum field into which all men’s thoughts and emotions and the vibrations from those energy forms, flow. Thus so entrained and entangled one man with another in a self aware universe, while we are cleaning up personal consciousness we are cleaning up mass consciousness. The opposite is true also.

It is here we go to heal ourselves and the world. It is here we therapists work in the field of consciousness to alter present realities by altering the causality of those realities, the beliefs and behaviors that are on automatic create.

As each of us amends our own programming and mends our own wounds, we rise like a phoenix in holistic functionality and coherence with the divine nature of man. And through our private healing, all men take a step towards empowerment and release from the past. 

When this light of divine illumination enters our field, when we liberate ourselves from self concerns to be of service, a spark of inspiration and clarity rises in the soul of all humanity.

There is one less person on the planet who believes in condemnation and destruction of those deemed different or dangerous. There is one less person sending fear into the world to attract more events to be frightened of, one less person being critical instead of affirming, one less person being cruel instead of kind, one less person who feels separate from other life forms thus remaining unconscious about harming them, one less person who is self-centered instead of generous with their time, attention, and talents.

As we remove subliminal triggers to compulsivity and emotional overwhelm, our attention becomes available to be more conscious about working in the field of intentionality to deal with the circumstances of the world.

It takes dedication and focus to be present to the ills of the world yet not   buy into the paradigm that evil walks the earth; bad things happen to good people, the world is not fair, life is hard, things are hopeless, people are inherently bad, and it’s the fate of some to suffer. These concepts and conditions are only showing up in the three dimensional world because mass consciousness still believes in them.

We can witness the suffering, if that is our calling, without losing the vision for an end to suffering.

As soon as we wake up individually, then as a people, and change these beliefs into life affirming, love sustaining beliefs about the nature of man and the possibility of change, reality as we know it will change…it has to because it is our own minds creating the situation as it is now.

We must hold strong to our knowing that this is not the divine plan God has for His children. We must realize on a deep level of consciousness that it is up to us to restore alignment between what is… and what was meant to be…the divine intention for harmonious interaction between man and the rest of creation causing blessings to be heaped upon His children. 

We must stop blaming God for the problems of man for it is not He who created them. He made us in his image as co-creators, wrote the laws on our hearts, imbued us with every gift needed to fulfill his ultimate purposes, gave us dominion over the earth, and then made us the decision makers by giving us free will to follow those laws or not.

It is we that have gone astray, forgotten our higher purpose, destroyed the harmony of nature’s interdependence, discarded the sacred purposes man’s soul was created for, and replaced them with the search for money, power, and domination.

The realization of this truth is crucial to man’s ability and motivation to bring change about on his earthy home. If we are waiting for God to come down and restore all the damage we have done to ourselves and to magnificent mother earth, we are lost. He gave us creative intelligence, transmitting to and receiving from an intelligent universe. He gave us the power to determine how we will subsist and exist in this universe and unless and until we step up, and make deliberate decisions about the future of mankind and the planet, nothing will change. 

It isn’t up to God… it’s up to us. Stop waiting for a miracle. We are the miracle. Everything about our generating and regenerative minds, bodies and souls, assures us we are a self sustaining self-renewing miracle born of the Miracle Himself.

If it’s in your universe it’s yours and until you own it, own that you have some part in it in consciousness, it will not move out of your energy field or the larger field of all possibilities. Before you get indignant over this premise, remember that yours is one of the minds manifesting the status quo on the planet. If you still hold in mind the mass conscious thinking portrayed in the media, you are still holding the old paradigms that created and are continuing to hold in place the environment you object to.

So it is yours to do…your responsibility to release and reframe any viewpoint you have that perpetrates any reality but the one we long to experience, divine harmony, the one implanted in our minds and hearts by the Creator.

We are here to realize there is only One of us here and to harm another is to harm every other.

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