Excerpt from the Peace Chapter
Gifts From the Father
Adele Tartaglia

It is the Spirit within that is your peace children. It is My Spirit that fills your soul with the everlasting peaceful pool from which you may draw time and again to bless the world about you.

As often as you give it away shall it increase incrementally in your own heart so that you can never experience a lack of peace ….just as you can never experience a lack of love for there is an unending pouring into the vessel of loving kindness, grace, love, and peace. As I fill you with the calm surety that all is well, all is taken care of , before your need arises, as I go before you making straight your path, so does your peaceful presence assure others.

You have only to turn in your hearts and mind to My ever present source of radiating love which gentles the mind and connects you to all of My creation empowering you as source being.

Are you willing my children to be the instruments of peace, to open your heart to all with unconditional love? Do you yet realize the purity and majesty of establishing your own center of radiant love within the sphere you operate?
Is your heart a willing heart….willing to commit to holding the space open for harmonious relations between those in your daily life? You must do it there first before you will fully comprehend how to send peaceful vibrations out into the world of woe.

I have given you children both a willing heart and the capacity to act from a harmonious perspective in each situation. When you commit to take the time to respond with dignity and integrity to every circumstance, rather than react in anger with aggression, you are using your innate gifts of willingness to be Harmony on the planet.

From Harmony comes a peace that extends to all my children for you cannot promise to uphold the ideals of cooperation instead of competition, acceptance instead of separation, compassion instead of uncaringness, and peace instead of violence, without harmony reigning on the earth.  As the projection of these ideals flows naturally from your awakened heart center, these choices are evidenced by your speech and your actions.

Let not the mouth give lip service while the heart remains at bay unwilling to commit to the fullness of My Divine Love which generates the desire of sublime equanimity for all souls. Out of this Life of Love shall flow the unending kindness and compassion that makes anything other than peace…unthinkable.


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  1. I know I should do this. Can you please tell me how to do it. Thank you for your concern.

    Adele Tartaglia, BA, CPRT, CHt, TLT, Transform Your Life Expert, Bd Cert Regression Therapist, Consciousness Coach, Author, Radio Show Host, Power Places Tours Empowerment Facilitator, Avatar Master.

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