Tax Deductible Donations

Alliance of Divine Love Inc.
Chapel 573
A Non-profit Corporation

Donations Are Tax Deductible
for a $500 Donation

As you make your decisions about donations, we would appreciate your considering the Alliance of Divine Love Chapel 573’s non-profit foundations with a Tax Deductible gift.

As I continue my twenty-five year research into new and innovative custom designed protocols for personal transformation through the instant reformatting of the subconscious mind, you can be assured that your contributions are being put to the best use. By aligning the multi-leveled mind you return to your Authentic Self, the God self that knows its divine essence is love.  Fully integrated you can live in unity consciousness.

The expansion of Adult and Child education through the “Make Your Mind Work for You…Instead of Against You” workshops is essential during this evolutionary period of the shift of mankind’s consciousness into peaceful resolutions through love, understanding, tolerance, cooperation, and a unified approach to the world’s problems.

As you focus your attention on reprogramming and aligning your own consciousness using the  my exclusive Restructuring Therapy, remember those less fortunate who need assistance.

Non-Profit Foundations

Therapists for Veterans:  Using Restructuring Therapy’s non-traumatic, non-imprinting PTSD Cognitive Protocol for Healing American Veterans and their families.

Restoring Dignity to Inmates:  Restoring Hope and Bringing Self Understanding and Self Acceptance to the Incarcerated.

Bloom Where You Are Planted: A Child’s Outreach Program teaching children about their inherent value, their creative nature, and how to live an Intentionally Functional, Harmonious, Beneficent life. Supported by the Molly McGee books, CD’s, and toy line.

Homes for Americans:  Returning homes to the foreclosed through a lease buy back program with custom designed monthly payments on a five year program.

Global Transformation Health & Wellness Project: Comprehensive programs designed by experts in their fields. Beginning with adult and child education for mental, physical and emotional health and wellness to restoring clean air, water, and soil to the planet, to severing

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