11-11-11 A Day of Mindfulness In the Silence of All That Is

Dearly Beloved,

Eleven being a master number tripled today provides an unprecedented opportunity for the expansion and diffusion of light into the atmosphere  of man’s collective consciousness. The effect is the light of love today and hence forth can deeply imprint the mind and heart of man such as all downloads form the intentional soul can do.

It is 11-11-11 the date of the promised covenant to shift the consciousness of mankind back into his original divine blueprint, the light of love, an all encompassing state of oneness that gives rise to his natural compassion, empathy, kindness, and unconditional love that are meant to flow through him and as him as God within expresses. In a manner of speaking, showing up at long last as his I am-ness.

It is this state of consciousness that aligns us with the reality of our greater beingness. We, as part of entrained mass consciousness, are creating everything that’s taking place on the planet by lending mind energy to it to either create it, or maintain in perpetuity what is already manifest.

Being out of alignment with this source self, most of us are creating world conditions unconsciously instead of intentionally out of the negative, resistant, fearful, angry self serving default settings in our subconscious minds which share the commonality of the collective unconscious.

Until we recognize the truth that we are each personally responsible for our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions, the world cannot not complete its shift.

When we return to the love that is our divine essence, healing and transformation begins to take place throughout created reality. It is Love, and our outpicturing that love through our heart centers, that contains vibratory rates fast enough to transmute any existing energy creation. In this energy universe you are a field in the Field. 1

Your Authentic Self that knows, and knows it knows it is Love, is infinitely wise, unlimited creative intelligence, and unspeakably worthy. Anything unlike this self can be erased and replaced in moments. Anything unlike love must be released if we are to exude love’s ecstatic state of being. As we breathe ourselves into that source state, we know we are one with everything and are creating it at the same time. 

We feel the authenticity that indeed there is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of aspects. What I do to you, I do to me for there is no other. “Thy Art That.”

Mankind’s shift in consciousness is facilitating our ability to live gently, peacefully, lovingly, and cooperatively in full Unity Consciousness. 

As energy fields, the collective and individual mind of man is inexorably aligned with the energy of the aware Universe. When we heal ourselves, we heal mass consciousness and the planet.

It’s all about love, everything else is Maya. We were created frequency specific as joyful loving multi-dimensional compassionate source beings and the time has come to return our primordial nature.

Life’s mission is to live more from our intentional soul self, in the peace that surpasses understanding, as it enlightens the fearful human self 
in a synchronistic dance of divine alignment with All That Is.
and so it is amen and amen

1 from It’s All About Love, (c) and Transform Your Life Instantly: Erase & Replace Programs and Emotions …Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You(c) 2005;2010 Adele Tartaglia

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