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Elegant Jewelry at Every Day Prices
Estate Pieces – Custom Designs
We Buy Right so You Can – Up to 60% Off
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Adele Tartaglia, International Jewelry Broker 1988
Gerald Tartaglia, Auctions 1974
480/220-2089; 480/706-8137 

Park Avenue Jewelry offers everyone the opportunity to Own Designer Jewelry for Below Retail prices. Every piece is hand selected. We offer value priced fine jewelry and costume jewelry with unique designs for your every day enjoyment to your finest occasions.

Credit Card Installment Payments, Gift-Wrapping and Drop Shipping are Available. 

We appreciate your business and are always here to be of assistance. Email questions about re-orders and volume discounts. 

Park Avenue Jewelry is a fundraiser for a non-profit center for education and family counseling under the auspices of Alliance of Divine Love Inc., Chapel 573, dba The Life Management Center.  We appreciate your business and support. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


Art, household decor, jewelry, discount supplements and vitamins, Self Help CD’s, software, electronics, computer products.

Merchandise Liquidators has been a leading fundraiser for non-profit organizations since 1981.

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