Self Deception Signals


Truth, should you ever wonder, is an alignment between what you are creating and what you are experiencing.

A lie is an attempt to experience something other than what you are creating. Truth is the viewpoint of source.  A lie is basically an entertainment device.

Here’s a wake-up call: Try creating right now exactly what you are experiencing right now. What did you do?

Objective: To learn to recognize the signals of self-deception.
Expected Results: Insights, improved well-being, recovery of

On a separate piece of paper:

A. List three errors that you frequently observe in others.

B. List three actions you engage in (or have engaged in principally to persuade another to believe certain things about you.

C. List three conflicts in which you are involved.

D. List three people (or groups, organizations, countries, etc.) you feel have abandoned you.

E. List three experiences that seem to happen repeatedly in your life.


The following questions are for contemplation or group discussion.

A. Are there times you refuse to recognize these errors in yourself?

B. What beliefs are causing you to doubt these things about yourself?

C. What beliefs are responsible for creating the circumstances of these struggles?

D. What beliefs keep you from forgiving?

E. What belief would someone have to have to create these experiences?

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