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Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your most kind words. How blessed am I that such lovely people have joined me? Reading your comments touches me deeply. Sorry I can’t figure out how to reply to each of you. I’ve tried but it doesn’t seem to work so I’m posting a comprehensive reply to all of you.

I’ve spent my life studying theology, church history, sacred scriptures, world religions, metaphysics, philosophy, reincarnation, and psychology all my life and what I believe is there are as many paths to God and spirituality as there are beliefs about the Creator Himself. Found within each heart are the laws He wrote there and if listened to, will take you home where you belong….united with Him in this life as well as the next for it is there in the secret room of your heart of compassion that He dwells waiting on your love and affection. It is His good pleasure to bring you a peaceful gentle life as He acts in, as, and through you.

Since it was He who demonstrated the abundance of life with the diversity of His Creation, He already understands each of His cultures and traditions will find Him in their own unique way and such is His Holy Will. It is only man that judges and separates not All That Is that knows there is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of ways and so it is.

As different as we all are so are we equally the same. Is there a soul anywhere in the world who does not love his family, cherish freedom to the extent he is blessed with it, have a longing in his soul to fulfill his purpose, and need sustenance, approval, validation, love, compassion and understanding? I think not. As long as you’re  open and receptive to examining your own life programming and motivations everything you say will be in harmony with the intentions of the blog.

To the kind souls who want to write a review of my site, I would be honored and send you blessings. Let’s create that many people discover the site and decide to help with the Foundations. I would appreciate it so very much in behalf of those who need our assistance with their challenges. Very few of us do not have times when we need care, direction, and the  support of others.

There’s a lot to do in the world but millions doing it as it all comes together through applying the cooperation principle in the offering of our gifts and talents. All are needed.

Of course I and others reading this blog will keep your special requests in our prayers. Know that the Creator of the universe unconditionally loves and without judgment approves of you, and has created a world of unknown opportunities for each of His children since it is His deepest desire for us to be happy.

Remember the ancients knew the power of prayer and the mind to draw to it what it needed and desired. They modeled for us the ancient mode of prayer. The indigenous cultures would dance and rejoice as though their prayer had already been answered only to have it follow soon afterward. It is only doubt in divine right outcome and divine right order that blocks the fulfillment of our dreams, our prayers, and our creations.

Pray thanking God in advance indicating your faith in things unseen, then put all your attention on your intention and know that there is only one power and one presence in the world, God the Good. Where ever you are, there He is…and all is well. Then put yourself into the emotional state of being you will be in when your prayer manifests in your life. Use your imagination, meditation, holotropic breathing, anything to align your human self with your authentic source being self. It’s never about action….it’s always about alignment with the higher self.

Don’t forget to pray as instructed so “nothing will be denied you”….”in the name and through the power of Jesus Christ.”  There is over 2000 years of devotion and faith in that holy name and it works without fail in Centering Prayer so let us not doubt it. I never do and I am a person who has had great miracles in my life. The only block is our human mind analyzing the gift away.

For those who asked, this is just a wordpress blog which I have grown to love because I can custom design them from templates and upload content myself.

You can subscribe to this blog at And you can always contact me on FB, Linked-In, Twitter. Suggestions are always welcome.

As you’ve probably gathered, I am so busy working and writing I don’t have time to maintain my blogs. I do need an editor for my books if anyone knows some one.  When I get an editor, I will put out the full edition of Gifts from the Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness, Principles of Causality, and It’s All about Love. If you like this little blog you will really get into longer versions of it since everything on here is out of one of my books or articles.

I would appreciate it if you didn’t use my blogs to advertise your businesses. Especially this one folks.

To those referring to my broadcasts are you referencing my radio show, Transform Your Life Instantly,  I am starting a Talk Radio Show called Ask the Therapist on blog talk radio soon.

You can take the Alliance Divine Love Ministerial course. Go to the home site and find a class in your area.

Until next time, create only good things for yourself and the planet, Adele Ann

Be the Peace…
If you’re absorbed by undefined awareness… Flow in alignment wit the universe…
And are devoted to the planet and its creatures…Realize your dreams for complete unity…
And a life immersed in loving kindness.
Awaken to your own Divine Purpose and create the world you’ve always known was possible.
Peace Is A Choice (c) 1981
Yours in the consciousness of peace, Adele Ann
Consciousness Coach, Avatar Master, Interfaith Minister, Sister Mary Francis Joseph, TOP, Course in Miracles Facilitator, Past Life Regression Therapist.

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