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SHW: Saint Health Wellness Committee
May 10, 2011  Update

Chairman: Adele Tartaglia,;
Co-Chairman:  Open
Chairman of Network Marketing: Tyler Clements
Chairman of Environment Protection: Bill Hudson

SHW Scope:
To bring forth all which assists in the body, mind, and soul’s healing. Honoring that which is already perfect, this team’s mission is to share such truth with the world and provide the ways, means and processes needed for removing the blocks to allowing perfection to be the normal experience throughout humankind.

SHW Mission:
Since in order to manifest health and wellness, divine right order, wholeness and harmony in the body mind spirit system, you have to see it right first in the mind’s eye, integrate it into cellular memory, and collaborate in the return to the template for divine perfect health within the eternal soul’s perspective, we will work on spiritual and self realization of  the manifold consciousness of adults and children first.

The re-education of man as a whole person realizing that the multi-dimensional mind must be aligned, and that the man must live a balanced life including integrating and honoring his mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects will be undertaken in the following manner.

Advancing his search for his authentic self, expanding his consciousness, blessing him with the peace he is, teaching him tools to change his life, and actualizing the love that is his divine essence, we will move collectively toward a more peaceful, cooperative society whose universal goal is the affinity of oneness serving the totality of mankind.

Chairman: Adele Tartaglia
Co-Chairman: Open

Alignment & Integration of Mind, Body, Spirit
Based on Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental and Emotional Erasers Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You (c) 2005 Adele Tartaglia

A,  Our practical application is to assist with body, heart, mind, and spirit integration including:

Combining spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and psychological components into an integral whole manifesting the totality of wellness

Awareness of higher self, and return to living out of our Authentic Source Self, that knows it’s divine essence is love and from which we align and deliberately create reality

Acceptance of personal responsibility for your thoughts, words, and deeds

The ability to handle life’s challenges as the outpicturing of your own subconscious programming

Willingness to alter any Beliefs, Behaviors, Traits, Emotions, Memories, Traumas, Coping Mechanisms & Identities that are sabotaging your life and the consciousness of mankind

Releasement and forgiveness of others you have misperceived injured you

Cellular realization that there is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of ways and aspects

Deletion and restructuring of error consciousness that no longer serves you, mankind, or the planet,

Deletion and restructuring of the full range of your emotional system so that it serves you and your goals

Cease unconsciously sourcing a random reality from subconscious default settings and remain in the moment aligned with your conscious mind intentions

Stop repetitive life patterns by removing their underlying causality, the beliefs and programs sourcing them

Heal unresolved childhood and adult core issues

Heal the body by healing the mind

Stop present life events and patterns by healing the past

Leadership training: Mind Body Spirit Clearing, learn the Art of
Intentional Manifestation, aligning the dual mind of man

Commit to the use of conscious languaging to align and create your goals

Learn to live intentionally rather than from automated triggering 

Become skilled at the art of manifestation by focusing all your attention on your intention

Realize you are creating it all and can stop creating it in its present form whenever you decide to.
B.  Setting Intentionally Align Goals For Specific Outcomes:

We are information beings and energy fields broadcasting and receiving data across the electro magnetic universal field of consciousness, and as such are personally responsible for the content of our transmissions. 

Body, mind, heart, and spirit, conscious alignment and coherency for optimum wellness and positive life outcomes.

Entrainment and constructive interference to align mass consciousness with the Divine Matrix using cognitive, emotional, and physical deletion and restructuring protocols and other tools to manifest global transformation.
C.  Education Project: Make the Mind Work for You Instead of Against You Video/Webinars
Goal setting and life alignment 
Restructuring the subconscious mind
 Aligning the dual mind
 Coherency between the multi-level consciousnesses of man
 Restructuring Educational Goals and Prerogatives:
Public School Systems and/or Charter School
Revamping teaching qualifications and remuneration

Educating for life versus indoctrination

Whole person education, balancing and integrating the all aspects of self and consciousness
D .  Parent Education:
The content of the subconscious mind, that part of man which in order not to repeat the life style of his parents, must be reformatted and restructured, is 51% intergenerational family engrams, biases, prejudices, behavior patterns, and predispositions, 49% environmental socialization from mass consciousness, education, organized religion, media conditioning, and modeling at home.

Ninety percent of the therapeutic work I do with adults and children is erasing and replacing the beliefs, behaviors, traits, emotions, memories, traumas, coping mechanisms and  identities that are sabotaging their life that were installed in consciousness from en-utero forward throughout early childhood until the age of reason around seven.

By training parents how to effectively nurture their children instead of blocking their creative energies, stop the intergeneration patterning of error consciousness, and self sabotaging behaviors, deliberately use their unlimited creative abilities as source beings, and encourage the innate soulfulness and connected to Source they come in with, the entire adult population will be aligned with the Creator’s intention for his children.

Parenting classes: raising a soulful integrated balanced child based on Raising a Soulful Child, 1994, Adele Tartaglia

 Court ordered parenting classes

  Parenting support groups

Divorced/Single parent support groups and education

 Blended Family support groups and education



PTSD for Veterans
Chairman: Adele Tartaglia
Co-Chairman: Open

Non-imprinting, non traumatic PTSD healing using Cognitive and Emotional Deletion Protocols, Identity Protocols, Forgiveness/Releasement Protocols, and Authentic Self Protocols.

 Qualifications and Projects
  Outlined in Therapists for Veterans, email easytherapy for
a copy of the foundation’s guidelines.


Chairman: Adele Tartaglia
Co-Chairman: Open

Bloom Where You Are Planted 

A Life Management Series for Children Based on Raising A Soulful Child,
an interactive teaching & counseling foundation using books, workshops, webinars, toy lines and motivational products.

An outreach program to homeless children through cooperation and education with Homeless Assistance Agencies; and to all children who have lost their way, feel invisible, powerless, and trapped in pain and trauma as a way of life. 

This is about empowering the youth of America, our most precious resource, and it’s about bringing the warmth of human love to these little ones who have experienced so much rejection and loss of self worth.

The goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people with a message that impacts their lives profoundly so they may make for themselves a life of purpose, joy and fulfillment regardless of their beginnings.

By rehabilitating children who have fallen through the cracks, they become equipped to start their lives over again. Teaching the children in this country across the board that there is nothing they cannot do with the power of their minds when aligned and directed deliberately, the next generation will experience a radically different society than the current one, with self actualized children creating it.

Social Education Modules to shift the current socioeconomic belief systems out of the present Harvard Business School bottom line mentality that people are dispensable in a greed, power hungry competitive society, and into the new globally equitable synchronistic system by initiation of  the cooperation principle at the earliest age.

Implementation of an age appropriate, wholly integrated personality using children’s books such as Molly McGee’s Adventures, The Enchanted Forest Series, CD’s, self development toy lines, character building board games, and motivational materials can never be started to early.

The institution a Child’s Restructuring Therapy Program serves to reformat negative beliefs about self, worthiness, deservedness, appropriate boundaries, safety in feelings, releasement and forgiveness, self empowerment, hopelessness and helplessness, and lack of healthy ego structure. 

Our children do not realize they are part Love Itself. We are not elevating our children’s consciousness to the level their divine essence, love, or even recognizing the compassionate soulful beings they came in as. They do not even have love for themselves.

In our violent mechanistic social structure, adults seldom think of  themselves as made in the Image with inherent worthiness, divine discernment, infinite wisdom, unlimited creative intelligence, and the innate ability for love and kindness. Our duty to the world and to our most beloved children must be to teach them to live from their god self, their Authentic Self that knows and knows it knows, they are perfect whole complete fully empowered children of God.

In a world of insecure people who have no confidence in themselves to take control of their lives or their minds, who too easily relinquish their power to those who do not have their best interest at heart, we must begin grooming the children of today to provide leadership in the new era where integrity and strength of character reigns in an environment of only the highest and best for all beings and the planet itself.

A Bloom Where You Are Planted radio show, is pending. On the Parenting Segments, I will be fielding parenting questions, and on the Just for Children’s Segments, friendly entertaining messages about treating others lovingly, gently, and with respect will be incorporated into children’s listening time that they can upload to their iPods from itunes. The Sing Along CD’s will be playing in the background for these shows.

I am looking into and possibly a TV series. I am working on two children’s book series and product lines. I do parenting classes using my book, Raising A Soulful Child, as well as family counseling.

 I am a Board Certified Therapist, working on my Ph.D., Family Counselor, Facilitator Self Empowerment Workshops, Life Coach, Owner of the Life Management Center, Fl State Elementary School Teacher, Designer of Individualized Learning Programs1, Cognitive, Emotional, & Behavioral Protocols, developer of Restructuring Therapy, CCD and Sunday School teacher, Interfaith Minister, Instructor Therapist’s Professional organizations, Unity Churches, and a Power Places Tours Speaker and Radio Show host. My grandchildren inspired me to write these books.  
1 As Chairman of the third grade in a FAU’s Progressive Education School, I was assigned 13 “trouble makers” who could not control themselves and behave in the school settings or perform the necessary tasks to graduate to the next level. I designed Individualized learning programs for them to help them accomplish the required learning tasks.

Rhyming Picture Books with colorful characters like Grandpappy Wappy tell stories about familiar situations in young children’s lives.

Children enjoy reciting them as well as hearing them read aloud, thus integrating the messages even before they can read themselves.

Each book fills a niche in children’s literature while teaching the art of living harmoniously, happily, and successfully.

Sing Along CD’s and snappy meter and language make the books fun for everyone! These whimsical books are sure to become life long favorites like the Dr. Seuss books.

Some of the books are published under two titles for two distinct target markets. One is appropriate for teaching Sunday school lessons such as All Faiths Teach the Golden Rule based on People Are for Loving, and marketed to churches.

The other title, Molly McGee Gets in a Snit and Has a Little Fit, an alternative to the Bernstein Bears books, is targeted for the parenting public such as MOPS, Mom’s Clubs, and Girl Scout Daisies. There will be design for Nook Color.  In this fun way children will internalize the message of the golden rule’s precept of treating people lovingly, gently, and with respect without resisting it.

It has great appeal to mothers of young children who experience the challenges of toddlers trying to individuate and the tantrums that sometimes accompany this stage.

Character rag dolls help children role play and develop empathy. Board games, a toy line, CD’s, Bloom Where You Are Planted Self Empowerment Webinars for children, and motivational products go along with the Molly McGee series. I am anticipating a TV series based on the books.

By using appropriate tools to teach children from the start to be responsible for their thoughts, words, and deeds, they feel empowered to control themselves during a developmental stage where there is little control. Recognizing and praising each small success affirms their inherit worthiness and goodness. As we know, when we feel good about ourselves, we are anxious to help others feel good about themselves.

The Adventures of Molly McGee are part of my Life Management Series for Children, several of which are ready for publication. Along with one of the books, Playing the Win Win Game is Fun, is a board game of the same name. I have created Teaching Tools and Lesson Plans, which are currently being used in a Unity Church School, and a Charter school including Flash Cards and a Blue Ribbon Incentive Board. The illustrator is a Caldecott Metal Winner and the CD’s are composed and sung by the famous Michelle Danon.  


Chairman: Open
Co-Chairman: Open

Safe Food for America 

Organic Consumers Association, Food Freedom U.S.
Fresh – Movie on food cooperatives in neighborhoods, etc.

Worldwide Food Safety Commission

Laws regulating food production and preparation with penalties for noncompliance

Pass legislation extricating federal government from food purveyor’s profits, lobbying incentives, etc.

Funding for FDA training and enhancement of activities and responsibilities

Addressing trade imbalances; foreign exports off due to lack of inspection of beef for mad cow disease, crop chemical use, genetic engineering, etc

Regulating U.S. Food purveyors…..a starting point.

Poisoning American’s food supply:  we are the leader in cancer, heart disease and diabetes

Comprehensive implementation of food safety plans:

New food safety measures for food production

FDA mandatory recall and traceback authority

Mandatory labeling transparency

Pro-active public education on food safety, understanding labels, reporting agencies, etc.
Unclean factory conditions, cross contamination using same machines to manufacture multiple food products without clean up between operations

Early detection to prevent food- borne illness outbreaks
via coordination of local state federal agencies:
Enhanced alertness to risks, mandatory regular across the board inspections, surveillance, investigations, and response timings

Grants for training federal, state, and local surveillance and inspection activities
Regular testing, record keeping, early reporting positive contamination results
Corporate poisoning of the food supply with stringent EPA standards with non compliance penalties

Legislate against the standardized use of hormones, chemical toxins [including preservatives, dyes, food addictives; artificial flavoring, dyes, etc.,] antibiotics, genetic engineering, growth hormones, sugar injections, cloning, irradiation

Packaging with carcinogens and toxins:
Plastic processed food containers, aluminum cans, etc.

Waste disposal’s destruction of the planet’s waters as a source of food supply, mercury contamination, killing off the estuaries,

Fishing industries hunting to extinction, use of improperly designed nets in fishing, etc.


Monitoring and reporting FDA activities: inaccuracies, cover ups, etc.

Extrication of federal agencies including FDA from AMA’s lobby

Approval of naturopathic, homeopathic, and holistic remedies after standardized testing


Chairman: Open  Bill Hudson
Co-Chairman: Open

Clean Water
Partnering with, etc.

Providing potable/clean water

Financing to clean up water systems

Clean up oceans and rivers

Clean water for bathing, medicinal use, etc.

Financing for drinking and sewage hook ups

Water delivery systems, hooking outlaying villages to main water system

Drilling wells

Hooking up to sewage disposal facilities

Desalinization and Reverse Osmosis Technologies

 Investigate partnering with the International Desalination Association, and GE’s Drinking Water Filtration and Seawater Reverse Osmosis projects

Financing to expand desalinization plants on each coast
modeled on Cayman Islands Desalination Plant

GE’s seawater reverse osmosis technologies  eri – energy recovery inc. Px pressure exchanger for seawater …desalination that reduces energy costs up to 98%. Seawater reverse osmosis (swro) is implemented through eri’s px …
Prevention of Further Contamination; 

Legislative regulations with mandatory non compliance penalties

Updating and implementing EPA standards, Clean Water Act, etc,


Chairman: Open
Co-Chairman: Open
Regulating Big Pharma

Extricating the FDA and federal government from vested interest in big pharma

Implementation of Regulations with penalties for non compliance

Strict regulations for production of pharmaceuticals without side effects including but not limited to, fatal illnesses, shutting down other systems, cures research versus relief of symptomlogy, full disclosures laws, etc. 

Discontinuation of TV advertising with creation of new mental and physical illnesses using saturation campaigns for subliminal persuasion of public to believe they are sick and need medication.


Research to study the effects of drugs on children versus integrative therapies to re-wire the brain

Research alternative integrative therapies to alleviate the need for drugs for mental disorders,

Development of safe drugs without long term effects for illnesses requiring drug intervention.
Chairman: Open
CO-Chairman: Open
Partnering with:
 Tropic Rainforest Coalition

Save the Rainforests/Stop Global Warming/Protect Endangered Species

Protect the Rainforests
Chairman: Open

Stop Global Warming
Chairman: Open

Preserve Endangered Species
Chairman: Open

Chairman:  Kevin McCarthy
Co-Chairman: Open
 Serving the Disabled
Partnering with World Health Organization; US Dept. of Veteran Affairs
Resources and Assistance:  World Health Organization; Social Security Disability; Veterans Administration 
A disability may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental or some combination of these.
Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. An impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations.

A disadvantage or deficiency, especially a physical or mental incapacity  that interferes with or prevents normal achievement in a particular area.
Thus disability is a complex phenomenon, reflecting an interaction between features of a person’s body, a person’s mental perspective about the disability, and features of the society in which he or she lives.
Areas of Concentration:


Physical Rehabilitation

Psychological Rehabilitation
Restructuring the beliefs systems surrounding disability mentally, emotionally and psychologically
Changing the psychic resonance within the psyche

Self empowerment through change of focus; recovering self value leading to service
Designing Workarounds of impairments of energy and strengths

Disability theory

Medical models
Social models

Individualized education program
Special needs
Special school
Special education
Learning disability

Physical therapy

Disability oriented athletic training, etc.

Societal implications

Disability rights
Personal assistance

Personal care assistant

Activities of daily living

Orthotics, braces, prosthetics

Assistive technology – mobility

Physical accessibility – universal design

Web accessibility

Social economic assistance

Adele Tartaglia, BAEd, CPRT, CHT, NLPTLT, Bd. Cert. Regression & Hypnotherapist, Radio Show Host, Power Places  Speaker, Developer Restructuring Therapy, Author, Self Empowerment Facilitator, Life Alignment Coach, Avatar Master.;;;; 480/706-8137

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