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 Alliance of Divine Love Chapter 573

The Alliance of Divine Love began long before the universe was even formed. The entirety of Creation is linked through Divine Love’s relationship or alliance with Itself and everything encompassed within All That Is. All the joy, peace, and happiness that you have ever felt is Divine Love. Love forever seeks greater degrees of Itself within Itself. In creating you, It found one of Its greatest joys, and It now seeks to draw you closer to Itself. Its constant drawing of you nearer to Itself is called spiritual enlightenment. Through this process, you will be led to joy and degrees of Love beyond your imaginings.

The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. was legally formed as a non profit 501 (c) (3) Church in 1976, to aid in God’s process of mankind’s spiritual enlightenment. Each Chapel has its own mission and ways of ministering to mankind. I am called to provide family counseling through my Life Management Center and to an education ministry called Books 2 Change Your Life.

Chapel 573 is about providing family and individual Counseling through the Counseling Division of the church and adult and child education through spiritual self awareness books and workshops through the Education Center.

Spiritual and psychological goals: Assist with body mind spirit integration, awareness of higher self, alignment of the multi-leveled consciousness, acceptance of personal responsibility for their thoughts, words, and deeds, handle life’s challenges as outpicturing of subconscious programming, releasement and forgiveness of issues that no longer serve you, stop repetitive life patterns, heal unresolved inner child core issues, adopt deliberate conscious languaging, live intentionally rather than from default settings, knowing they are creating it all and they can do better.

Mission Statement:

The Life Management Center is a quiet lake oasis where souls in search of themselves can recover their authentic selves, re-create their lives and handle their issues in a safe, gentle, and loving atmosphere.  the lifemanagementcenter.com 

Books 2 Change Your Life publishes spiritual and self help books for adults and children to advance their search for their authentic self, expand their consciousness, bless them with the peace they are, and teach them tools to change their lives as they actualize the love that is their divine essence. books2 changeyourlife.com [under revision]

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